Belfast City Marathon

12th April 2013

Hey folks

The Lowly Knights haven’t disappeared, and to prove it we have entered ourselves into the Belfast marathon! We’re raising money to fund a water project in the developing world. Charity Water are great for many reasons, one of the main ones being that they follow the 100% model, whereby every penny raised goes directly to their water projects. Please give as generously as you can using the PayPal button:

You can read more about what Charity Water do on their website: http://www.charitywater.org

And, what the hell, if you donate £10 or more we’ll send you an EP (just make sure and email us your postal address too).

Forfey Festival August 2012

5th August 2012

(Artwork by Neil Gillespie. Photo by Mark Kernohan)

Ulster Hall w/ Foy Vance

2nd October 2011

We’re delighted to be joining our friend, Foy Vance, in the Ulster Hall on November 1st. Get your tickets here.

Communion (Belfast)

10th September 2011

Here we go! Tickets here

Arthur’s Day (Belfast)

10th September 2011

We don’t know which venue we’re playing in yet, but we’re playing! More info and tickets here

Live Shows

2nd June 2011

Good day, good people!

We have a few shows lined up over the next few weeks. Belfast, Derry, Draperstown, and Belfast (again). Check out our gigs page for more details.


McHugh’s gig

3rd April 2011

Our good friends, and our good man. This Wednesday in McHugh’s, Belfast. Get yerself there!

Belfast Film Festival: Burning Powder programme

12th March 2011

So as you may (or may not) have heard, our Burning Powder video has been selected for this year’s Belfast Film Festival – it’s part of the first programme of short films on Saturday 9th April, at 10am. Apparently, this is some kind of short film competition. We usually don’t win things…but maybe this is our time!

Check out the programme and buy tickets here: http://bit.ly/hEHm44

P.S. Phil Harrison, who wrote and directed the Burning Powder video, has another short in the festival. It’s called ‘Even Gods’ and it’s amazing. Here’s a link for it’s programme: http://bit.ly/epcofc

Burning Powder video for Belfast Film Festival

13th February 2011

We are very excited to tell you that our video for ‘Burning Powder’ has been selected for this year’s Belfast Film Festival. We are proud of this short film and think it is very worthy of such an honour. The film was written and directed by our good friend, Phil Harrison. He deserves all the credit! Phil also has another short film, Even Gods, in the festival. You should keep an eye out for it too!

If you haven’t yet seen the Burning Powder video yet…

Lowly Knights – Burning Powder from Phil Harrison on Vimeo.

blog: UK Tour

31st January 2011

Well, that was fun! We’re home after our first ever headline UK tour. It was a quick blast taking in as much as we could in a week, and everyone who came out to see us really made the trip exceed our expectations. Everywhere we went, we saw familiar friendly faces popping out of the shadows to say hello, and we met loads of new folks. So thanks!

The tour was an unusual affair with Neil having to step into full-set lead vocals throughout with Cazi having pretty much lost his voice. But there was no slowing down due to injury here, and the Knights were at full pelt. We were left beaming with sell out shows in London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow (with yet more people being turned away). Brighton Communion are a friendly bunch, and we’ll be back there for sure. That is, as long as Brighton City Council are happy to have us after our merch man and ‘Team Spirit Tech’, Ben, stripped off for an early afternoon dip. As for Birmingham, I’m not sure the city knows what hit it considering we showed up, in a jazz club no less, with our frontman dressed up as a clown (it was his birthday, whaddaya do?!)

Simply fantastic musicians came along to support us at our shows. Do check out Grand Forever, We See Lights, Washington Irving, and Micah Vincent. We were also pleased to share the bill with Hot Feet at Brighton Communion. The tour wasn’t possible without our super duo crew, Jordy and Ben. Our thanks also to the generous people who let us sleep on their floors and made us meals. And thanks to the venues and promoters who helped along the way too.

If you came out, drove for miles to see us, sang along, shuffled your feet, or clapped at the right moments, thanks a million. We had a blast. Tag the Lowly Knights in any of your FB photos, and do keep in touch and let us know what your highlights were. Hopefully see you again before too long!